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Friday, July 08, 2005

Mick and Me at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

The locals were pretty skeptical about being able to see the volcano. Being as how it is the rainy season the top of the volcano is often clouded over for days at a time. Indeed, when we arrived in late afternoon it was pretty cloudy. Our room at the Arenal Observatory was great. All guest rooms faced the mountain through huge picture windows. The beds even faced the heights, so you could keep checking the volcanic activity through the night.

Which is what I did. All night long. At about 3:00 AM the clouds blew away giving a fantastic view of the glowing red-orange lava rocks rolling down the mountainside.

We hiked out onto an old lava field the next morning and posed for this picture.

Look closely. I had a sort of Yassar Arafat beard-thing going, complete with gray stubble.

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Adolfo Castellon said...

Arenal Volcano

Arenal Volcano is by far the most active volcano in Costa Rica and as well one of the most active in the world with daily eruptions. This makes the area of Arenal and La Fortuna a fascinating tourist destination that attracts foreigners as well as the residents of Costa Rica.