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Sunday, December 02, 2007

More on Botswana...

I've been reading up online like a mad man. Here in a nutshell is the 411.

Economically they really moved past needing the Peace Corps there until the AIDS epidemic struck with a vengeance. In fact the Peace Corps had left in the late '90s. But after the Botswanian (Botswanan?) government asked them back they returned in 2003.

Still not sure what I'll be doing. But the info I got seems to indicate it will be work in an office of some kind.

No Tarzan. No Jane. No boy. No Cheetah.

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Jan Doble said...

you may not be tarzan living in the jungle, but think of all the fun you'll have when you're not in the office! it all sounds exciting and i just know things will continue to fall into place for you as you travel on your journey of life! ps: thanks for your comment on the Kindle...i agree, it is pretty pricey!