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Sunday, May 04, 2008

They Had Me at "Dumela!"

That's Setswana for Hello. I've been here two weeks already. I live with a host family of three women and one man. It ain't Kansas, but I love it. The night skies are incredible. And I live right under the Southern Cross.

Classes are long. My days are full. Heading out to an actual site to shadow a current Peace Corps volunteer. In a month and a half we will finish our training and hit our actual jobs. Can't wait.

So far I've loved the whole experience. At times I don't care if I never come back.

Oh and by the way, my name is now Mothusi (Mo Two' See) Kolane (Ko lan' eh). It means "helper."

Every kid in the neighborhood knows me by that. Yesterday at the grocery store I was checking out and the clerk asked me if my name was Mothusi!

I'm famous in Botswana.

Internet is scarce. Will chat later.


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Jan Doble said...

glad to hear ('see') you're thriving, Mo. best wishes for continued integration into the Botswan('ian'?) culture!