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Saturday, July 05, 2008

I Need To Learn More About This

OK, the most common "community" or tribe in Botswana is the Bakwena. They speak Setswana. But out here in the west are a group called Herero. I don't know what the whole story is, but apparently they were driven out of Namibia years ago by the German colonists. From what I gather they are largely involved in cattle raising. In fact wealth in Botswana is kind of measured by the number of cattle you own.

So clearly from looking at the Herero women there is some kind of cow influence. I've been told it's an honor to wear this outfit. You see them all over the place. These two ladies I met in Ghanzi at a kind of county fair. Kind of interesting along the lines of the Amish.


Jason Combs said...

OK, upon blowing that picture up, I see that there are no less than three women in the background glaring at you. What gives?

TammyShilling said...

Oh Man! I totally need that hat!

john ley said...

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