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Friday, October 03, 2008

A Parting of Ways

Some time back I posted about seeing a certain lady who happens to be a Republican (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Well, we have agreed to a mutual parting of ways. Africa, it turns out, is rough on relationships.

But this is a part of my life and therefore I feel the need to post it here, even though it might not rank as "The Best of What's Left."

Fact is it is unfair to ask someone to invest "Emotional Capital" in a guy who is going to disappear for two years. I've made this statement several times to members of the female gender and have uniformly been met with nods of agreement.

I wish her the best and only good things. I'm certain life will be good under the new Obama presidency.

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Melody said...

Hey Mike. Love your blog! I served as a PCV in Botswana from 2005 to 2008. I was based in Nata and with some friends helped the village start a blog. Pedro is running it now at www.natavillage.org. It was great to read your story as I too sold all my worldly goods back in 2001 and have been enjoying life around the world. I am currently a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in Malawi and after feeling homesick for Botswana found your blog on the PC journals website. Thanks for sharing your story. Its nice to know there are others who have taken the big leap. Give my best to Peggy, Pinny, Heather, and Gilbert! All the best, Melody