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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Is Teaspoon!

The happiest dog in the 'ville of Charles Hill. Teaspoon started life as the pet of a former Peace Corps volunteer in nearby Karakubis. When she left her boyfriend moved to Chuck.

People in Botswana typical treat dogs with the care and tenderness usually reserved for rats in your pantry. To show kindness or affection is somewhat akin to pure lunacy.

But Teaspoon was weaned on Americans. And she LOVES to run with the other PCV in the village and me. She can't understand why we can't keep up with her. Naturally she was spayed early on. So her teats don't drag in the dust like most feral dogs around here. Also she mightily enjoys showing off her speed when she goes after various goats, cattle, chickens, donkeys and other quadrupeds.

If I happen to be out at night Teaspoon comes along for escort service. Of course I have to give her a reward.

Just one of the treats of African village living.

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the red head said...

Mike--I think this might be the daughter of the original Teaspoon, or maybe the sister, cousin,..there has to be at least 3 dogs named Teaspoon in the Chill area.(That's what we called it when I lived there a few yrs ago). In fact when I arrived at my house there, Teaspoon(or derivative of) was waiting for me-as the previous PCV had left her. She had 3 puppies with me, and the stories go on...My fellow PCV from Nojane sent me your web site a cpl of days ago, and I'm slowly reading thru with fascination and joy(the potential of connecting w/ someone who 'understands' Chas hill). I plan to write you a real letter (ah!! mail in the box) and send a small care pkg, but HAD to respond to the photo you just posted. Teaspoon must be a common name for dogs, just as Lesego was/is for us girls!! Iwill write more when I finish reading your blog.