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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wild Kingdom Lives!

This was awesome. John John Kempf, the Afrikaaner guy who took us all out into the CKGR, was driving alongside these guys (or were they running alongside us?). I was laying on the roof of the Range Rover snapping away as we rolled over the plain. He was yelling "Are you getting this?" I'm yelling "Yahoo! Keep going! Keep going!"

It was a moment.


Jason Combs said...

BTW, you better let me know what these post-PC plans might be...

sebastien said...

Hey there
I'm looking for the details of John Kempf and I wondered if you could give them to me
Thanks a lot in advance
All the best,

mike247worldwide said...

Sorry, don't have his contact info. I met him through a mutual acquaintance who has since left the country.