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Monday, February 08, 2010

An Homage to Shortness

I woke up this morning and nearly broke my neck falling out of bed. It felt like the floor was ten feet below the mattress. "What the...?!" And then it hit me.

Today I am officially (and for the second time in my life) "short." Not the kind of short you may be thinking of. Granted I stand 5'6", tall for a short man. And I mean no disrespect to little people.

But as of this moment I am a two-digit midget. My time left in Peace Corps Botswana is rapidly drawing to a close. The last time I experienced this phenomenon was 1976 in Korea. US Army. What a difference three and a half decades make.

By May I´ll be parachuting off a curb. Ninety-nine days and a wake up. Giddyup!


Hani said...

So what's the next adventure you have lined up?

mike247worldwide said...

It's all about China Hani. Details to follow. But a scuba stop in Sharm is definitely in the plans. Beirut and Petra too. Look for us late August-early September.