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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hi. Yeah I'm back.

When I hear conservatives saying "We need to make this country great again" I wonder...what the hell do they mean?

Define great. Does that mean, what, we roll all over every other country? We kind of already do that.

Should we have the highest rate of conspicuous consumption, energy and resource use of every other civilization that ever existed? Been there, done that.

And IF there is a way to make this country great again (what ever that means) how do they propose to do that with the likes of Ricks Perry or Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Willard Romney at the helm? Maybe Colbert could pull it off. He gets my vote. If I voted Republican, fat chance.


Jason Combs said...

Whoo-hooo! I just happened to be writing my mom and my friend Molly about a "Blogger Support Group" and considered seeing if you were interested, so I checked your blog. Must be kismet. Check mine out - same address - started posting again. Here is my mom's:


Jason Combs said...

Also, I agree. Saying that something/someone was "great" is not necessarily a compliment anyway. Hitler was a "great" man of the 20th century. Krakatoa was a "great" explosion, etc...

(see, I'm supporting your "great" blog)

Laurie said...

I think my 1912 travel story will be a nice diversion from the two of you and politics....meanwhile I need more hours in my day: I need a family history blog that can help me figure out how many wives James Rufus McCord, born 1809 in Wilkes Co., NC, actually had......no, he was not related to Georgie - he's the other side of the family, but ancestry.com just sucks you in.....

Anonymous said...

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