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Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's TryThis Again

I've been inspired by my friend, Michael Wilhelm, international recruiter (West Virginia University. Go 'Neers!) and fellow Parkersburgertonian to take up this blog again. He told me he has missed my pearls of wisdom and in depth snarkishness, which the hated Facebook failed to replace.

Actually Mike had very kind words and I've given it some thought. I blame Facebook and a general attitude of laziness on the demise of my blogging. So with a face to the future, the wind at my back and Mike's inspiration I am swearing off (most) other social media and sticking to this. Actually I still don't know what LinkedIn does and having missed the Twitter revolution while in the middle of the Kalahari I'm pretty much just a FB type. And Pinterest is, I don't know, pictures of stuff I like. So what?

So know I have to see if I can make the switch.

In that vein over the past couple weeks I have "Unfollowed" damn near every friend on Zuckerberg's boondoggle. I've only ever unfriended two miserable people, so if we were once Facebook friends we most likely still are. I just REALLY REALLY don't care about what you eat, where you do your yoga poses, what your grandkids look like (They're babies. Like a commodity. Bushel of corn. Bushel of corn. Interchangeable.), your politics left or right or which airport you're at. It's tiring. I still follow about four or five people. Mark, Ray, Mick, Billy and oh, all right Miller if I have to.

But if we met on a trip or you sat next to me on a train and we had a conversation or you know someone I know, then fine, we're "friends." But odds are we'll never meet again. So when you get married or whatever I don't care. Sounds cold, but seriously. Why should I care?

And I hereby promise (but don't guarantee) not to post similar dreck myself on FB. It all goes here.

OK. I like this. Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.


Lynn Richardson said...

Kid, I'll follow you anywhere...

Mike Wigal said...

And I would never unfollow you Lynn! One of my so-called Bucket List items is to travel with you again.