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Thursday, April 06, 2006

I'm Packed

Got everything in one backpack. Except for a couple paperbacks I'm bringing to read on the plane. Otherwise I'm at around 18 and a half pounds, including camera.

Planning my hike around London during my eight hour layover. From Westminster Abbey through the Tower of London to Greenwich Observatory is 5.5 miles. If I can just follow the Thames I should be alright.

Well, if I get lost I can just ask. I DO speak the language. After a fashion.



Anonymous said...

did you leave room in your pack for the
high (and heavy) levels of ENVY....
that many of your readers are sending
along with you?
question: if you are a BLOG-er
are those who read your blog
just curious.
hope that pack of envy doesen't get too heave for you.
macy bryce

jh said...

Hey Mike,

Good luck on your trip. Keep those elephants clean.