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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

This Is Where I'm Headed

OK, first a word about the 'stash. I wore that (now) ridiculous looking thing for 29 years. Something about making my baby-face look older. (Once I actually got some significant mileage I decided I probably didn't need it anymore.)

The picture was taken three years ago when I first visited Millenium Elephant Foundation in Kegalle, Sri Lanka. It's along side the stream where the pachyderms get their daily bath. A week from now I'll be washing one of these guys, maybe this one.

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Linda Bischoff said...

I hope you see this. out of the blue today I decided to google Jan Gill Wigal, and was crushed to read that she had died, read it here on your blog. she was a therapist of mine at OU for two years. changed my life. I saw you once on the steps outside Porter Hall at OU. I saw your pics of Mick (whose baby pic used to be in her office - she said you were into the 'Stones)on the blog. Enjoy your travels. I will check in. I am very sad to know the news of her.