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Saturday, May 13, 2006

TOTALLY Off Topic!

I found this on the Bob and Tom Radio Show web site. Forgotten I'd done it. Was up in St. Johns, NF in I think 2003 and looked this place up. Pre-Blog. Bob and Tom were always carrying on about a town named Dildo. I had to drive about 120 miles all told to get the photos. I suffer for my art... (How'd you like the 'stash?)

Posted Tuesday, April 15

In Search of Dildo

Dear Bob and Tom,
You guys inspired me to seek out the fishing village of Dildo, Newfoundland on my recent trip to St. John's. It was a quaint little place. The locals seemed suspicious though. I don't think too many people seek this place out. I asked around, but no one knew who Cap'n Dildo was. I'l shoot you some other pix.
Mike Wigal

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