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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Thoughts on Television Ads

So have you seen these Binder and Binder Law Firm ads? What is the deal with the stupid hat? What is the image they are trying to project? A geek lawyer in a suit wearing some kind of pseudo-cowboy hat. Doesn't make sense.

I don't even think he is a real cowboy.


Alexander said...

It's just so weird and amazing. I wanted to use an image of him for one of my blogs because he really gets to me. I think he's wearing it to hide his bald head, and he's rationalized that the cowboy hat will make him look more personable. But he just looks like a weird tool. Dude's kids are probably walking around humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I dont get it either. It reminds me of that scene in Weird Al's movie "UHF" where the media mogul yells at his subordinate to "Take that ridicluous looking thing off" refering to the guys cowboy hat and string tie.

Anonymous said...

he's a bald-headed pecked who is making up for his short-comings (in his pants)

Jimmy said...

Not even a real cowboy hat, it's a "little Joe" cowboy hat. Between the camera man, the director and all the people at the shoot, no one told him how stupid that looks?