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Monday, October 15, 2007

Book It!

Just finished book #100 for the year. Sharpe's Company. Historical fiction of Captain Richard Sharpe, a member of the Duke of Wellington's British army fighting the Napoleonic army in Spain in 1812. This book covered the battle of Badajoz, a fortress assault that cost Wellington over 5000 casualties.

Mark Schroeder and I intend to visit the sight of this fight next week. Thus the reason for making this particular book number 100.

It's only October 15th. How many can I finish by year's end? There are a lot of good (and bad) books out there. I've got at least six lined up for the trip. I've learned to pack more books and less underwear. Makes my trips more comfortable all the way around.

TMI? Tough!


Hani said...

"Pack more books and less underwear". I like that. I might make it my travel motto.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered the possibility that you've completely lost your mind?

Anonymous said...