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Monday, October 08, 2007

Peace Corps Update

Got a letter from the Peace Corps today. They didn't like the EKG from my physical. It shows what's called "First degree A-V block." Nothing to worry about. It's common in highly trained athletes (ahem!). But, they need my doctor to tell them that to insure I didn't have a heart attack or something. Which I did not.

By the way, prognosis for First degree A-V Block is good. No treatment is indicated.
I'll die eventually, but not from that.


Anonymous said...

I bet that gave you a shock!!! We are never really, really sure are we?

Hani said...

So once all that medical stuff is done, they tell you were you're going?

Anonymous said...

You are mentally and physically weak.

Star Light said...

Not to worry Mike,
In my 30's, an EKG result stated that I'd had a myocardial infarction. I ended up having a heart catheterization, etc...and NO blockage, nor sign of, a heart attack was anywhere to be found. Now everytime I get an EKG, it still says I've had an MI...but the dr. said 'not to worry'. I carry a copy of the original EKG in my wallet, just in case the 'newest' EKG is different and really DOES show a heart attack. It's really annoying, but they tell me it's not uncommon. (But I'm not so sure about that... ;)

Star Light said...

I'm just getting a kick out of the connection I have with YSU through you! It's a long story how I even ended up there...considering I wasn't from that area...but it's interesting to see how you've kept up your spirits since you lost Jan. You certainly do live an extremely exciting, and unusual (at least for me:) kind of life! Did you know that Jan was the one who connected me to Marietta College in the student affairs dept? I took doctoral courses at OU at the same time. Worked with Jan's sister, too...but I only stayed 1 semester; my husband was in Germany and I decided to move there with him. The rest is history. Take care!