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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Couple Thoughts About Obama

I hear all this business about Barack Obama's lack of experience and how he is not qualified to be President. How he is good with the inspirational speech, but lacks "substance."

To address each point: The current sorry-assed excuse for an administration is LOADED with experience. Darth Cheney was Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Defense if you will recall. Rumsfeld, Rove, all those clowns brought decades of political experience to the table. Look where it got us.

As to lack of substance, the last Antichrist (before Cheney), Ronald Reagan was nothing BUT style. Mr. "Shining City on the Hill" could do little more than read his TelePrompter like the Hollywood ham he was. A lot of people got rich on the backs of the poor under his watch.

So spare me the garbage. I'll take an intelligent, inspirational President every day. Guess that lets President Sock Puppet out of the discussion.

Obama takes the Oval Office by the way. My call.

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Jennifer Marie Jordan said...

You come up with some good ones...Darth Cheney and Pres sock puppet...funny stuff!