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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some Personal Information

This blog is almost three years old. I've written about a lot of things. Except for things about Mick and Jan I've kept my personal relationships out of this for the most part. I'll probably continue to do that.

But as it happens I have started to see someone. I know, I know, it's crazy to be doing this when I'm leaving for Africa in about fifty days. What woman would spend emotional currency on a guy who is going to disappear for 27 months?

Since this is my blog and not hers I'll keep the details about her out of it. Except for one little item.

If you follow my bloviating you may find this disturbing. It seems, uh, ahem, er, that she is, apparently, sigh (how do I say this?)...a Republican.

Oh, the bitter irony!


Anonymous said...

I remember one time my parents told me they didn't care if I brought home a white woman, black woman, Asian woman, or a man as long as I didn't bring home a Republican.

Jan Doble said...
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Anonymous said...

Who cares that she is a Republican. They say Republican women are the best kissers!