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Friday, March 28, 2008

Gettin' Down To the Short Strokes...

Well, we're getting down to cases now. I came home last Sunday night and was surprised when I couldn't pull into the garage. While I'd been gone the auctioneers had been busy getting the place ready for the sale next Saturday.

Except for the major pieces of furniture the house was EMPTY! Not a plate, knife or spoon. The only toilet paper left was what was on the roller. I couldn't even scrub the commode because the brush was gone! No food except what little was in the fridge. Everything is laid out on display in the garage and barn.

Even my beloved kayak.

I've been scrambling to disconnect my life from all the things that keep us here, cable TV, satellite radio, health insurance, cell phone, changes of address...every night I remember something else. Today I have a work crew mulching and cleaning up the yard for the open house Sunday. Getting the car detailed tomorrow so it looks good.

Next Saturday is the auction. All my worldly goods. At the end of the day I should know to a dollar figure exactly what I'm worth.

It's a very freeing experience. In a sense it's like I'm dying. In a way I am. In 18 days my old life will end. What follows will be a whole new existence. That's why I'm inviting as many friends as possible to the auction.

It'll be like hosting my own funeral. Only I'll actually be there to say good-bye.

Ya'll come!


Jennifer Marie Jordan said...

Wow, that's intense. I know what you mean. I know that my life will never be the same. People keep saying..when you come back..but I'm not sure I am coming back. At least not to MA. Not for a while anyway.

Jan Doble said...

Mike, I hope your auction goes well:-)