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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here Comes the Peace Corps

Man, it's closing fast. I came home from my last Middle East trip Sunday night. Opened the garage door and couldn't pull in. The auctioneers have the whole thing PACKED with my stuff, ready to sell.

The house is almost empty. I couldn't even find a dish, knife or spoon to eat with. Had to rummage around the barn to find the stuff and retrieve enough utensils for the remaining couple weeks. Got a couple coming to look at the joint this afternoon. This will be their third look.

I think they are waiting until the auction in hopes of getting the place at a lower price than what I have it listed for. There might be a couple other interested parties.

The economic question of the day (and night) is: At what price does "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" kick in? With this market and the possibility of putting any profit to work while I'm gone, plus eliminating the need to do upkeep, pay taxes, keep it rented, etc. etc. etc. I'm strongly inclined to sell.

My flight to Philadelphia for the Peace Corps pre-departure training is booked. Pleasant surprise: I get to claim frequent flier miles, even for the jump from JFK to J-Burg. Oughta be worth a couple bucks. Plus we bus from South Africa into Botswana. So I'll claim two more countries before we even get started. That'll make 47. With luck I'll hit 100 before I kick.

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