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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Game On

So I'm in Philly for pre-Departure Training. Turns out there are 61 of us going to Botswana. Of those with my job title (District AIDS Coordinator) there are 16.

Thanks to our facebook group it was almost like old home week for many of us.

Tomorrow we fly.


Jan Doble said...

wow! i have just 'caught up' with you since i checked in a few wks. ago...and have you made progress! amazing. that story of the lady who got your adrenaline going and then never showed up is hysterical (in retrospect only, for you, i'm sure!)...as is your description of your entire auction day...very vivid! and wow...finally...your house sold. horray. i'm so glad for you. geez, i can't really say i'm gonna miss ya, 'cause i've never even met ya...but, i'll tell ya one thing: ya better keep the blog goin' or else!! all my best for a safe trip tomorrow and a great beginning to your 'new life'!! Jan

Anonymous said...

Dear Mike -
What a fabulous story -- and a new adventure on its way!

I will always wish you the very best.
(hummm sounds like a commercial....)

Happy Trails and Rewarding Hard Work --
Much love,
Janet R.