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Thursday, March 30, 2006

She Had a Great "Personality"

The steak was good too.

OK, OK, so this wasn't my actual dinner companion. Had you going.

She turned out to be a very nice lady. We all (two couples) enjoyed a lively evening of conversation. It was over by 8:30. They want to see my pictures from my upcoming Sri Lanka trip. Left it at that.

I eased off on the Porterhouse. Had the 18 ounce sirloin. It was very good.

End of story.


Anonymous said...

actually the lady you were with was much better looking and i am sure has more brains. and by the way i was very pleased to pick up the check- remember i get paid by commission!! regards- chuck

mike247worldwide said...

No argument from me Chuck. Next time I'll pick up the check. I hear McDs has some nice entrees these days.