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Monday, September 04, 2006

"Cheap" Gas

Look, I know the attention span of the American public is two nanoseconds. But, fer cryin' out loud! Think about this.

LAST year the Labor Day weekend was cited by the talking heads as one of the big reasons why gas was so high and likely to go higher. So what's different THIS year to make the prices start to drop so suddenly on the same weekend?

If you look far enough down this blog you'll see a picture from last year of a gas sign at $2.49 and I said it was like stealing it. Now here's $2.25.

Here's my take: LAST year there was no Congressional elections in the offing. LAST year the Republican controlled Senate and congress weren't in such danger of losing their majority. Funny how, not only are we seeing gas drop. But, also a ton of terrorist scares on planes and yesterday, the capture of the #2 Al-Qaeda in Iraq man. That guy's boss, Zarqawi, was a pimp. How big could this clown have been.

For the oil companies this drop is just seed money. They'll get it all back in spades over the big Thanksgiving and Christmas travel seasons. (As if they weren't raking it in now anyway.)

If you buy into "all is well with the economy" and forget the morass in Iraq, just keep putting 'em back in. Four bucks a gallon isn't that far away.

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