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Thursday, April 19, 2007

This Should Be Good

Some of you know the story. But without having to search back through five hundred posts here it is:

About a year or so ago I posted a poem entitled "Live With Intention" by mary anne radmacher (she doesn't like to use capital letters, OK?). AND I made a crack about how she was probably 106 years old and her idea of living on the edge was to skip her Metamucil for a day.

A little while later this very same mary anne radmacher e-mails me! Of course she took umbrage at my remark (justifiably it turns out). She's not even as old as me. She had Googled her own name and found this blog. It also turns out she was under contract to write a book and after reading the eloquent prose of my many musings wanted to ask if I would contribute to the book.

Anyone who knows me knows, as modest as I am, I still will always (usually) leap at the chance to do something a tad askew from the normal daily crapola.

So I wrote. And I have to say I was pretty pleased with what I wrote. So was she and even more astonishingly so were the editors. My story made the final cut, unlike my attempt to get on "Survivor," which is a whole 'nother yarn.

So this weekend is the big coming out party (I don't know what they actually call it) of the book, which is titled "Lean forward into your Life"(available on Amazon for $10.88 plus shipping. Follow the link.). This soiree will be at the William Jefferson Clinton (remember, our last actual President?) Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. I'm flying down tomorrow. It'll be the first face-to-face for mary anne and me. Guess I'm actually supposed to "do" a reading of my bit.

So BUY THE BOOK! Hey, I'm not making anything on it so don't expect a free copy from me. If you're too cheap to spring eleven bucks you won't appreciate it anyway.

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J.C. said...

Speaking of the Survivor thing, y'know you and me should apply to Amazing Race, or if not you and me, you and Mick, or maybe screw you, me and Mick. Maybe I can talk him into it tonight. I'm driving up there after work. Whoo-hoo! Columbia, capitol of South Carolina, here I come!