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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell is Dead

I shall not mourn his passing. This was a mean-spirited, racist, homophobic phoney. Falwell represented the very worst of American society.

We as a country are worse off for his having been here.


Anonymous said...


mike247worldwide said...

Thank you.

Gordon said...

Tell us what you really think.

J.C. said...

To commenter #1 - cruel? Hardly. unChristian? I sure hope so.

Did you see Hitchens on Fox? Unholy Hannity Ass-kicking Batman!


Star Light said...

Mike, I could not have agreed more with your post. I just read back on your blog a bit (I must admit I haven't really kept up with you until lately)...in fact, I didn't even realize you were going in to the Peace Corps! Good luck selling your house. I'm sorry your dog died. Despite all of your losses...it appears you really are serious about risking your life through challenges and adventures. I sure hope it will all work out for you:)