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Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh Yeah, My Next Big Thing...

I've applied to join the Peace Corps. It's a long process, sometimes taking from nine to twelve months to actually be assigned. I'm about a month or so into it. Have already had my first interview. They didn't reject me outright yet (like those bastards at "Survivor"). Next in the process is a nomination, maybe in July, which will give me a region of the World in which I will most likely be assigned. Following that is a medical and legal clearance (uh oh!) then an actual invitation.

You can give your preferences for region and country, but they have the final say. I would like Jordan or Morocco (I'm studying Arabic. I can actually ask for a Pepsi.), but indications are that is unlikely. I'll probably accept where ever I'm assigned.

Of course, I still need to sell the house before I go. How do you fix a water leak when you are in Mongolia?

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Gordon said...

Wow, my next big thing is a new bike tire.