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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey! Primanti Brothers!

I’m not making a political statement. I just can’t see why they would ruin a perfectly good picture of Primanti Brothers (in Pittsburgh) with Cindy McCain’s mug. This was in a recent edition of Newsweek the Peace Corps sends us.

Man, what I would give for a Primanti’s roast beef piled with fries and cole slaw! And a stroll down the Strip to Mon Aimee Chocolate to drop about $70 on dark chocolate, then across the street to pick up some flavoured pasta and up to Mt. Washington for a look see at the city, then a Pirates game, then throw the kayak in the Mon for a paddle, then stop at Starbucks afterward for a Venti caramel Frappuccino, and then, and then, and then…

Oh well, maybe the Engen station has meat pies today.

Amazing what one picture can do?


Anonymous said...

Nice post. I wish you could do all that stuff too and I'd go with you. I miss you and Lauran said she does too. Keep kicking ass.

Anonymous said...


Just embrace the Republican ways and your life will be easier darling. McCain will not lead you astray. Repent your democratic ways and you will find happiness.

I believe in you and pray every night that you will one day see the light--the Republican Light.

Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

DO NOT repent your democratic ways Mike.... they speak to who you are...and that's all good.