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Monday, August 04, 2008

The Mamuno Rock Carvings

Went out into the bush last weekend. The head of the Village Development Committee (George), took an archaeologist from Gaborone (Judge), the other Peace Corps volunteer in Chuck Hill (Lesedi) and her mom and me to view the rock carvings done by whomever it was who lived in this area 35,000 years ago.

It was pretty remarkable. Too bad I'll NEVER have enough internet time to upload all or even the best photos of the petroglyphs. But I'll throw up what I can here.

I've spent a half hour trying to get one more picture up. Forget it. This one was about the best. Pretty self-explanatory


Anonymous said...

Mike...this is awesome. Would that it be possible Mick could see this and do some digging...Wow!!!
At least you can save the pics. til you get back here. Thanks for this one anyway. Mom

Hani said...

This picture is my wallpaper now.

You might find it easier and quicker to upload the pictures if you resize them first. Any simple (and free) image editor will do that for you.