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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My First Picture of Wild Game That Was NOT Donkeys!

OK, so donkeys aren't actually wild game. I've seen a jackal, a hyena, a fox and a Springbok (look it up). But those were at night while speeding along the highway. This was taken also speeding along the Trans-Kgadihadi Highway (150 Km/Hr), so it isn't the clearest. I've been spotting them from time to time between Ghanzi and Chuck Hill, but could never get my camera ready fast enough. This was the best I could do.

Africa is famous for the Big 5, Zebra, Hippo, Lion, Rhino and Elephant. No one talks about these guys. The big game is located farther north. Maybe in a few weeks or months when I get sprung from lock-down (Peace Corps requirement for the first three months at site) I'll run into some of the big boys.


Anonymous said...

A South African Gazelle noted for their grace and sudden springing into the air!!!! Pics. are good..came through nice and clear. Thanks

Hani said...

Cool picture considering how it was shot. I always thought Ostriches are very cool looking.

Anonymous said...

I always thought of Springboks when I use to watch my son and his teammates warm up for a track meet. They would be stationary one moment and then the next second they would be leaping through the air! blc