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Friday, March 29, 2013

Around Almaty

Several of our US Education Group people booked a tour bus for a little sight-seeing around Almaty today. It's a decent sized 'burgh, well developed.

First stop was at some kind of memorial across from the former Soviet KGB Headquarters. The apple in front represents one of the things for which Kazakhstan is known for (haven't tried one yet). At a memorial across the street was a statue to the Golden Man of Kazakhstan. Tradition has that you must kiss the book at the base of the statue. I faked it. Also included are various scenes from Kazakhstan's history. Then we visited a Russian Orthodox Church, St. George. Or maybe is was St. Stefan. Or St. Cloud. I really have no idea. It's supposedly the largest building in the world build without the use of nails. Only wooden pegs. Photos were forbidden inside, but I snapped off a shot of their vision of hell (My vision would be to sit through one of the services). Say what you will about hell at least we'll be surrounded by naked women. Of course they won't be in the best frames of mind, but how is that different from now?

Finally we drove about ten miles outside Almaty to the Medeu Arena, highest elevation speed skating rink in the world (1691 meters) and site of the 1980 Olympics. Medeu Dam located up the canyon protects from devastating mudslide which occur periodically. Various sources state the number of steps up the dam as 830/831/842/950/1000, take your pick. Of course I climbed them.

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