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Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm Back

The Blog Triumvirate, Hani, me and Jason (Not necessarily in that order)
I'll be posting more in the coming days. So much ground covered it's hard to remember everything. But, thanks to all my friends who helped make this trip special. Even the young lady in Amman, Jordan who tried to get me to convert to Islam. (Good thing it wasn't at the point of a sword. I might have caved.) You know who you are.

Two years ago I started this blog. It came about as I decided to make some big changes in my life. All that has been laid out in the posts before. No need to rehash. I will say that no one has ever enjoyed their retirement more than me.

We Were All So Much Younger Then. October 2005


Hani said...

Wow, I can't believe the first one was taken almost two years ago. Feels like it was just yesterday.

How come you're always in the center?

J.C. said...

Those are some handsome sons of bitches. Like whiskey, better with age.