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Friday, March 30, 2007

What An International Recruiting Fair Looks Like

I write much about my trips. But, rarely do I go into the actual nuts and bolts of what we do over "there." For a good sense of how educational fairs feel check out Jason's Blog from India.

But, here are some pictures from this last trip:

This Was At Al-Jamama College in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Interest for a Particular University May be Rather Intense. Especially if it Happens to be a Well Known Mid-Western School Whose Mascot is a Boilermaker.

Occasionally There Will be an Ambassador on Hand to Open the Festivities. This Business IS Serious You Know.

Before Each Fair We Get A Briefing on Each Country's Educational System from Either the US Embassy or AMIDEAST

Often There Is A Media Crush

If We Visit a Local School They Will Often Put on Entertainment For Us.

At Some Point We Herd Everyone Together For a Group Shot

And Always Joseph Paces...

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