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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ski Dubai

Alright, I've been implying that the Middle East is not all Baghdad. Still there are those who don't believe me. Check this out...skiing in in desert. They built an indoor ski resort in Dubai. It's attached to one of their mega-malls. Six hundred meters in length. I don't know how far it drops, but they have a black diamond run, which I didn't do. For less than 50 bucks you got two hours on the slopes, all gear including ski pants and jacket. They give you a plastic card which you put in a sleeve packet. Every time you get on the lift a meter scans the card and tells you how much time you have remaining.

You can tell people about this place, you can show pictures and videos, but there is no way you can explain it. You just have to go there. It's more dangerous in Youngstown, Ohio. By far.

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