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Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Establishing a Jack-Ass of the Week Post

Our winner for the week of June 20 (and long-time returning champion) is Darth Cheney.

This piece of work wrote recently in the Wall Street Journal (and why did they give him a forum?) about President Obama, "rarely" has a president ever been "so wrong about so much at the expense of so many."

Can he be SERIOUS!? 

The gutless coward Dickless Cheney was largely responsible for sending 4,500 American sons and daughters, plus countless tens of thousands of Iraqis needlessly to their deaths, not to mention a trillion dollars blown.

He was wrong on everything he ever claimed. To wit 1.) Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, 2. We'll be greeted as liberators, 3. The insurgency is in it last throes. This last he said NINE YEARS ago.

If even Megyn Kelly of FAUX Noise has called him out on it isn't it time to pull his plug? You can take that literally or figuratively.

I generally wish Ill of no one. Some I have no use for, but this clown (it's hard not to let the expletives fly) has my utmost and well deserved contempt. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Dick Cheney. Your Jack-Ass of the week. Tough act to follow.

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