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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yet Another Shooting

Another day, another headline. "Where will it end?" we say. 

It won't. In fact instead of a groundswell of support building to finally do something about our American predilection for shooting each other, the result is in fact more guns, fewer gun laws. Or even laws that promote coming to town strapped.

My hypothesis is these shootings actually produce more gun ownership. With every deadly incident the NRA, gun manufacturers and like-minded organizations issue the clarion call to its members "OBAMA IS COMING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS!! SEND MONEY SO WE CAN FIGHT!" (Never mind that in six years in office NO move has been made to take anyone's firearms)

Immediately frightened gun owners (funny they should be the ones frightened) empty their wallets to fund the gun lobbyists who own our politicians. What money is left goes to buying more firepower. After all doesn't everyone need Teflon coated bullets?

Polls consistently show the majority of Americans desire stricter gun control. The majority be damned. "We the people" only get what we pay for. And what we get are bought and paid politicos afraid of being seen as anti-gun.

As they say, Money talks and bullshit walks.

As I view it here is the crux of the issue. Sure, maybe most Americans, even many NRA members,  prefer some measure of increased control. But they're not passionate about it the way hard core gun owners are about having all manner of weaponry.

We wring our hands with every shooting. But in the interim our focus wavers. Your hard core, Faux News watching, gun toter is passionate about their weapons 24/7. And they put their money where their mouths are. Consequently our elected "statespersons" would rather stick their tongues into an electrical outlet than vote to curtail gun ownership.

What's the answer? I don't know, but I have an idea.

Social engineering. One reason smoking has decreased so much in this country is the increased taxes on smokes. Simple economics.

So I propose levying a Federal Excise Tax (FET) on all weapons and ammunition. No restrictions on ownership. You just have to pay for the privilege. Want to buy an AK-47? No sweat. At least a 100% FET and it's yours. Same for ammo too. In fact, the emphasis should be on bullets, since otherwise your AK is just a paperweight.

No politician has to be seen as anti-gun. No dancing around the issue. As I said "money talks, etc. etc."

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