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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jack-Ass of the Week: June 21-28

Kind of a slow week for Jack-Asses. But the World Cup is big news and it gave us two contenders.

First we had Luis Suarez of team Uruguay biting another player. Seems to be a habit of his. Next there was Ann (Hey look at me! Look at me!) Coulter pulling her head out of the oat bag long enough to declare soccer a liberal conspiracy.

Sadly there's the case of Justin Ross Harris, the guy who left his two year old son locked in a hot car all day, causing the boy's death. That actually goes beyond Jack-assness in my mind. Therefore I'm not considering it among the contenders.

Finally, there's the supposed incident at a KFC in Mississippi where the staff asked a little girl who had been badly mauled by dogs to leave because her face was disturbing to the customers. While whomever may have made such a request would be the runaway winner, there appears to be some doubt it ever happened. If it turns out to be a hoax the girl's family snatches the win.

I'm inclined to think it was a hoax. But lacking solid evidence either way I'm torn between Suarez and Coulter.

Coulter is a Jack-ass of the first order any week, but we won't hear about Suarez much once the World Cup is over. So I'll go with giving Luis Suarez his fleeting moment in the sun.

Luis Suarez, your Jack-Ass of the week for June 21-28, 2014.

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Lynn Richardson said...

Yeah, I would have gone that way too. ;-)