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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MORE Proof Ann Coulter was Dropped on her Head as a Child!

This from Ann's interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show:
Coulter talking about the 9/11 widows: "These broads are millionaires, lionized on TV and in articles about them, reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis. I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much." [p.103]

Pressed by Lauer to defend her statement that the widows were "enjoying their husbands' deaths," Coulter responded: "Yes, they're all over the news." She criticized the widows for "speak[ing] out using the fact that they're widows" and "using their grief" and "the fact that you lost a husband" to make "a political point while preventing anyone from responding." She further argued that "the Left" exploits a "doctrine of infallibility," and that "[i]f they have a point to make about the 9-11 Commission, about how to fight the war on terrorism," they "put[] up Cindy Sheehan ... put[] out these widows." As a result, Coulter said, conservatives "always have to respond to someone who just had a family member die" and appear to be "questioning the authenticity of the grief."

When Lauer said, "I don't think they've ever told you you can't respond" to the statements of 9-11 widows, Coulter replied: "[Y]ou're getting testy with me," adding, "[Y]ou think I shouldn't be able to respond."

Although Coulter also criticized 9-11 widows for "cutting commercials" for Sen. John F. Kerry (D-MA) during his 2004 presidential campaign against Bush, Lauer failed to note that other 9-11 widows made campaign appearances for Bush. As Newsday reported September 25, 2004:

[A]t the Republican National Convention, Debra Burlingame, whose brother piloted the American Airlines flight that crashed into the Pentagon, was one of three women who spoke in highly personal terms of their loss. She told the Associated Press yesterday she, too, was willing to make campaign appearances for Bush to outline her differences with the pro-Kerry families.


Anonymous said...

You're being kind. This woman is definitely related to Rush Limbaugh - unfortunately, entertaining to those who have no critical thinking skills - and just as malicious and unconscious.

(from before - Mick DOES look great!)

Keep on keeping on...


Hani said...

I have no idea who this woman is...but the picture is deeply disturbing.