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Saturday, June 10, 2006

To Paraphrase Don Corleone:

Zarqawi was a pimp. He was basically a street thug in over his head. If we hadn't whacked him Al-Qaeda would have. Where do you think we got the Intel to nail down his location?

Funny thing is if, by some chance, he had managed to survive a few more years he might have ended up Premier of Iraq. Think I'm crazy? Well, possibly I am, BUT guys like Ariel Sharon and Menachem Begin (from the OTHER US client state in the Middle East) were nothing more than rabid terrorists themselves before THEY got "respectable." Sharon is responsible for the slaughter of hundreds, if not thousands, of women and children in Beirut alone.

Stranger things have happened. Remember, bin Laden and Saddam were both pals of the US at one time. The crap flows both ways.

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