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Friday, July 14, 2006

And We're Off...

Day one: Got up at 2 AM. Had to get one last pre-trip run in, three miles.

Met Jason in the Atlanta airport right on schedule. By 12:30 PM we were in Merida, Mexico. My first time in Mexico. Merida is in the Yucatan. You don't hear much about it, but it's a pretty nice city.

While looking for a place to stay we stopped for lunch. I ordered a Cubano sandwich. It was a disappointment. Soon we came across a hostel (Nomada) that looked pretty decent.

Later that afternoon we took the first of MANY buses to Progresso Beach, about a two hour ride. When we got there a thunderstorm was blowing in. The wind whipped up a pretty mean sandstorm. So we slunk to a beach-side bar for a Corona or dos.

Back in Merida we explored the downtown and scouted the bus station for the next morning's ride to the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza.

Merida Central was festive that night. This was a good start to our trip.

Game on.


Apparently Jason no segusta su foto. Aqui es el replacemente:

A striking likeness. He can't argue with that one. A face only a mother could love.
The beauty of the interactive blog. We are response to every petty, worthless, insignificant, pathetic request of our loyal readers.


J.C. said...

That is a horrible, washed-out, puffy-faced picture of me. I demand you replace it with something more flattering. And before you suggest it, no, that does not mean a bigger picture of you.

mike247worldwide said...

Dear Chubby Cheeks,
Wait til I post the picture from the waterfall.

OK. OK. I'll EDIT the post to include a better photo of you.

molls said...

I LOVE IT... Vanity gets you absolutely nowhere, Jason. ;)