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Saturday, July 15, 2006

From Chichen to Cancun

After the visit to Chichen Itza we grabbed a 2nd Class bus to Cancun. It was a little older than the 1st Classer we had from Merida, but still not bad.

Just before we pulled out this little kid, about nine or ten years old, gets on. He is alone. The bus is practically empty, but doesn't he go straight to the seat behind me and start kicking the back of the seat. Then he proceeds to sing, whistle, screetch, bang around and just make a nuisance of himself in general. I told him to move to another seat. But, of course he gives me the "No Hablo Englais." Jason does speak Spanish and told him to move. No avail. So the whole trip he made himself a complete pest. Funny thing, when we pretended to fall asleep, he quit his shenanigans. But, the moment it looked like we were conscious he was back at it. At one point Jason whacked him on the back of the head with our Lonely Planet Guide to Central America (aka "The Bible"). Didn't even phase him.

By the time we neared Cancun I was seeing the humor in the situation. When a lady holding a live chicken climbed aboard I was cracking up. This why I love NOTtraveling first class. Always more interesting.

In the end I was talking to El Diablito. His name was Carlos.

It was only Day Two and this trip was turning out better than I expected.

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