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Sunday, July 30, 2006

San Juan del Sur(Nicaragua) to Playa del Coco(Costa Rica)

Well, we got boned on the breakfast again. The owner apologized all over herself the day before and promised it wouldn't happen again. Jason shamed her into doing free laundry, so it wasn't a total loss. We headed out, looking for a cab to the border and some breakfast. A couple other tourists out for a morning stroll told us about "El Gato Negro," The Black Cat coffee shop and BOOK STORE. Bingo! If we had known about this place Mick and I might have stayed another day. Kharma being Kharma, it would turn out for the better. The Black Cat had a stunning selection of new books. Nicaragua has a low literacy rate and books in English are at a premium. This place was a gold mine. The Anglo-owner was a former commodities trader (oil) from Houston. Can you say Enron? The books were a tad pricey, but considering the circumstances who cares? I bought "Chaos," Mick picked up a Salmon Rushdie and Jason nabbed "Ghost" by Chuck Pahlenhiuk.

Grabbed a cab and off we went. We were told to anticipate a long wait at the border. But, it wasn't so bad. I bought a Nicaragua passport cover for fifty cents. Want to see if the customs guy back in the States picks up on it.

I've been reading "Condominium," the one I picked up in the chicken bus station. It's a bathroom pot boiler. Actually, although written back in the 70s, it had a few good points re: retirement in sunny climes. It presaged Hurricane Katrina by a few decades, but the effect in the end was similar. The guys tease me about reading it, but I'm in it to the finish (which I did). I've started "Chaos" before finishing Condo, but I'm really holding out until I'm done with the first.

We caught a crowded bus to Liberia, CR, about two hours from the border. Smoke Monkey's shenanigans were acting up again and I had to pay twice to use the crapper. There was some confusion about where to catch the connecting bus to Playa del Coco. After walking around the area from place to place for about half an hour we learned it was the station we had just arrived in. The boy's Spanish wasn't helping out all that well. I was taking my second "break in the action" when Jason yelled the bus to Coco was leaving. I'd have been really pissed if he was screwing with me. But, he wasn't.

The bus to Coco was also crowded But it was only a 45 minute ride. Playa del Coco isn't as nice as San Juan del sur. Jason used to have a friend at one of the bar-restaurants on the beach, so we stopped in. His friend had moved on to Jaco it turns out. But we ate then hiked around looking for a room.

A couple B&Bs looked good, TV, A/C, pool, but were a bit steep ($45 & $75). I was ready to spring for the $45 one for two nights, but the boys didn't like the looks of the surfer dudes hanging around. The pool looked awfully inviting though.

There was another place listed in Lonely Planet. While looking for the joint a lady at a Bufete came out onto the street and asked if we were looking for a room. Nice house, upstairs bedroom, bath, fan, TV, sweet porch, GREAT wooden floors. $24. Done! Cold water shower, but who cares. This year, especially after Sri Lanka, I have a great appreciation for the cold water shower.

We hit the beach for some sun and reading. Afterwards we hit the bar for a Pina Colada. They tasted so good we each had two. Pretty light. Didn't feel a thing. Could have gone for a third, but at six beans per not worth it.

We weren't hungry, so we hit the tick to watch some tube. Around 10:30 Jason and Mick slipped out for some pizza.

Another day in a tropical paradise. The adventure part of the trip seems to be winding down. Unknown to us one more blogworthy event awaited.

(I know, I know, EVERYTHING I post is blogworthy. But, thanks anyway.)

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