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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're Back

Mick and Me at Tikal in Guatemala

We got in around one AM this morning. Three and a half weeks schlepping through Central America and none the worse for wear. We're just trying to get things in some kind of order right now, catching up on the bills, picking up the dog, bailing my mother-in-law out of jail (After a certain age people should not be allowed to carry small arms on their person)...that sort of thing. Mick will be home for about a month before heading to South Carolina to begin his work on a Master of Archeology.

I'll be posting the highlights of Mick, Mike and Jason's Excellent Adventure in the days to come. Meanwhile I'm halfway through "The Devil Wears Prada" and I'm so glad I don't answer to anyone anymore. Just the fool in the mirror.

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molly said...

So glad that y'all had fun!! Looks like an amazing trip. And I must say, I think a man who reads Devil/Prada is massively comfortable in his own skin. Bravo.