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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ruta Maya (Hold the Mayo)

Chichen Itza, Mexico
In a couple days we'll return to Estados Unidos. It's been a great trip. The last few days we've been lounging in the luxury of a beach resort/condo complex in Costa Rica. It's very plush, very relaxing. But, I miss the call of the road. Later this morning Mick and I will take our last bus ride, a three hour stint over a distance of 60 miles if you can believe it, to San Jose. After a day of museum visits we'll blow out Monday.

Full reports with a slew of pictures will follow in the days ahead. I hope you enjoy them half as much as I have. Thank you Jason for formulating the original itinerary and the accompaniment. Thanks Mick for joining up. It was, as always, a wonderful thing for me. As the future unfolds I know the opportunities for us to spend this kind of time together will come much more infrequently.

Until I move in with you.

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