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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Black Swan

Sounds like something from Pirates of the Caribbean. But, it's not.

An actual black swan has taken up residence in the lake by my house. There are six other swans, all white. Since we've lived here there have always been at least two white swans. Some lady in the condos bought them for her viewing pleasure I'm told. Where these other four or the one black one came from I don't know. I think the white ones are mute swans. Every once in a while a trumpet swan would swing by for a few days. But this black one has me stumped.

The thing is, black swans appear to be native only to Australia. Check it out on Wikipedia.

So what's he/she doing here? That's a heck of a flight. If someone bought the thing and placed it here I find that unconscionable. How many times has Man screwed up the local ecology by introducing non-native species?

It seems to have paired up with the white swan in the pix.

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