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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Here We Go...(Terror Alert Opinion)

Not that I'm a suspicious person, BUT:

The terror alert comes two days AFTER Hawkish Joe Lieberman gets bounced from the Democrat nomination for his Senate seat in Connecticut. The Right has been in freefall in the polls over the morass in Iraq. Now they play the fear card.

They wouldn't do that would they? Why did Cheney come out bashing the Democrats as soft on security AFTER he and President Sock Puppet had been informed of the plot, but BEFORE we the people were notified. Politics at play.

They sell fear and we the people buy it. Was there a plot? Where are the perps? Why do we never see any actual evidence of all these plots, warnings, alerts, etc.?

Mick called it yesterday before any of this happened. He said to watch for some incident before the election to sway the sheep I mean voters. I raised a smart boy.


chantelle said...

Aaaa yes the utilization of fear as a propaganda tool. This administration employs its fear tactics on a continual basis to persuade. I agree that right before election time an incident will occur to provoke more fear among the populace and If they continue to lead from the book of Aristotle’s rhetoric then it won’t be to harsh because some how the administration’s policies will save us all ……….If individuals see no escape from what they fear they become more callous and pissed off about the future and are less likely to follow.
I once wrote a paper on the art of rhetoric and ended the paper by analyzing a George W. speech, it was very difficult to write it in an objective manner but I fared quite well. My conclusion was that his main tools of rhetoric were his fear tactics coupled with a humble persona he creates for himself in order to create image of a trusting individual.
I ended the paper by saying that he has made it this far only because “he plays the humble Texan to perfection.” I think that last line helped earn me the A.
I have decided to start my own blog,it wil be fun once I get it situated.

This is phoenix222 or other wise known by Chantelle.

mike247worldwide said...

Well said. My only note would be that Sock Puppet never develops a cogent thought on his own. It's all Rove, Cheney, et al. Chris MAthews is just now on Hard Ball talking about how Americans always want a regular guy for president. I think they don't want someone smarter than themselves. And since the average American is about as smart as a fence post we see why a W gets in and a John Kerry gets the boot. The only curve to that theory was Bill Clinton. But, Clinton was SO smart he could portray himself as both regular and intelligent simultaneously. That's why the Right hates him and fears Hillary so much. They got noone to counter them. And if we elect Hill we get Bill.

Go for the blog! I enjoy having the outlet. I don't tell EVERYTHING, but I let out a good bit.



J.C. said...

The connotations of the word "douchebag" comes nowhere close to what I would like to say about Cheney when I saw that bullshit. If he has any blood relative close to my age, I will fight him. Let's see how tough these fuckers really are...

Hani said...

Now you can't take laptops and other carry-ons on flights!! What's next? You board the plane naked?!

I am flying to london in a couple of days. Should be fun.

mike247worldwide said...

Cheney's bunch are only tough when YOUR ass is on the line.

I'll tell you what's next: Your stuff can get on the plane, but YOU can't!