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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sell Your Cola Stocks

Today marks one week since my last Pepsi. I'm drinking Lipton's Green Tea like a mad man. Of course, I always drink (drank?) Pepsi like said mad man also. I'm not saying it will last. I've tried before without success.

Sure, I know the tea has caffeine and sugar. At least it doesn't have the carbonation (gas passing down 47%) and all the other bad stuff colas supposedly have.

AND green tea has anti-oxidants.

So does dark chocolate. Which is a whole 'nuther issue.

Any way you cut it I have fewer problems than John Mark Karr.


J.C. said...

Now I've seen everything...

Anonymous said...

You might like the citrus green tea - just as healthy for you and also tastier.

hi mikey!


mike247worldwide said...

Hi Jasmina! Great to hear from you.

I AM drinking the Citrus. It's very good. It just might do the trick.

Blogger said...

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