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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kayaking among the Orcas. It was a Close One!

Had a fantastic voyage. We were guided by Spirit of the West outfitters. Camped along the shores of Johnstone Strait north of Campbell River, British Columbia. Four days, three nights.

So we had been out all day kayaking up the Strait and doing some hiking. Very peaceful. We hadn't seen any Orcas all day. It was our second day there. The first night we spotted a couple out in the middle of the Strait, but they were far away and it was getting onto dusk.

The guides were getting reports that a group was moving our way. Just before we made the take-out we saw some fins. There were several Orcas passing by the campsite way out in the water. It was a thrill, even though they weren't close.

Then here comes a few more right at us. It looked like they were going to come right through our group. But, apparently they spotted us and disappeared. A few moments later they re-appeared out in the middle far way from us. Again it was a thrill, but we hadn't gotten a REALLY close look at 'em yet.

Just as we were about to return to camp I spotted another small group again coming straight toward our little flotilla. Maybe this time they would hold course. I got my video running and caught them about 40 yards out. I was tracking them, trying to anticipate where they would come up again. I was guessing the left side of the kayak. They came up right.

Jennifer, in front of me, caught him as he broke the surface. If you look close enough (To the left of the paddle shaft) you can see his black and white colors.

Now THAT was the thrill! I was speechless. Another of our party caught just a bit of it on his video. When he sends it to me I'll post it.

That was the highlight, but everything else was great. I could have stayed out there for many more days.

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