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Monday, August 14, 2006

Pix From Our Campsite in Johnstone Strait, BC

Took Mick down to Columbia, SC for grad school over the weekend. Looks like he'll be OK. He called yesterday (Sunday) in a rage (What else is new?). The southern bible-belt crackers wouldn't sell him anything until after 1:30PM on Sunday. It's the law ONLY in his county. Has something to do with religion I'm sure. You know Baptists won't allow you to have sex while standing because it could lead to dancing?

But, I digress....

The view across the Sound on our first night. After the moon set I crawled out of the tent to view the stars. Not as awesome as my dream night outside Vinales, Cuba. But, pretty sweet nonetheless.

The morning view from my tent flap. How do I keep finding myself in these Hell holes?

The campsite from this rocky outcropping. When the tide was low we could walk out on it and look back towards camp. I think the tent in the foreground is mine.

Me with two of the guides, Steve and Dave. If you look closely you can see the "jewelry" Dave cut for us from the Bull Kelp. That Bull Kelp is something. Dave also cut a length of it to make a trumpet. Naturally, I gave it a blast or two. Maybe three.

More to come later.

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