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Monday, November 20, 2006

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I woke up the morning of November 17th in Nice, France.
Bad News: I had to leave.
Good News: Quickly got a taxi for the short (five, maybe eight, minutes tops)ride to the airport.
Bad News: She (the driver) boned me for 30 Euros (almost $40!)
Good News: Easy connecting flight to Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport.
Bad News: Charles De Gaulle airport is the biggest pain-in-the-ass airport in the world (in keeping with the tradition of Chuck De Gaulle his own self)
Good News: I had plenty of time to catch my flight to Cincinnati
Bad News: The security lines were incredibly long and slow (I counted 42 security cameras at my gate alone)
Good News: An Air France employee told me I had a Business Class ticket. Could this possibly be true? Suddenly visions of actually being comfortable for a nine hour flight danced in my head. (Of course, she was rude, but that goes without saying.)
Bad News: And she was wrong.
Good News: But, it was an emergency row seat. Leg room!!
Bad News: It was right (and I mean RIGHT) by the toilets.
Good News: I had two books to read.
Bad News: No way would it be possible to sleep (They shouldn't feed people on planes. It only encourages their bowels.)
Good News: I read both books on the Paris to Cinci hop. "The Zahir" by Paulo Coelho and "The Bhagavad Gita."
Bad News: The Air France "meal" gave me the runs. Hence the toilets.
Good News: We landed in Cinci, I got my luggage (which had to then be checked through US security) and cleared customs in a snap.
Bad News: The Security luggage check took over an hour.
Good News: Delta (Air France partner) gave me a $7 Starbucks coupon for my troubles.
Bad News: I still had a three plus hour drive to Athens.
Good News: Got my car and headed out.
Bad News: Couldn't keep my eyes open. If Rte. 32 ever had any traffic I would have had a wreck.
Good News: I stopped at a road side rest for a 45 minute nap.
Bad News: The Hershey squirts woke me up.
Good News: Made it to Athens and went straight to bed.
Bad News: The trip was over.
Good News: I'm ready to go again.
Bad News: It's 5:30AM and I've been up for three hours.
Good News: No more runs.


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