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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Perks of this Life...

So we got back to the Amman Sheraton a little after seven PM. I was too lazy to get up early this morning, so I ran to the gym for a short workout. I guess the climb to the Monastery didn't count!

Afterwards I wandered down to the lobby and found my friend's Joseph and Didier having a conversation with the hotel manager, Ms. Maysoun El-Kayyali, an absolutely fascinating lady. And NOT just because she treated us to a sushi dinner and drinks!

Ms. Kayyali puts in WAAAY too many hours at her job, but always makes us welcome. I offered to work for her as her executive assistant, which is the closest I've come to considering actual work in almost two years.

I meet some pretty nice folks in my journeys, but Maysoun ranks right up there with the best. Wonder what kind of visa I'd need to work in Jordan?

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